Qiang Yang | Shenzhen University

Currently I am first year graduate student of College of Computer Science and Software engineering in Shenzhen University and a member of SSMC , led by distinguished professor Kaishun Wu,who is a Young Outstanding Scientist of Thousand Talent Program.


Associate professor Lu Wang and group leader assistant professor Yongpan Zou, they are both graduated from HKUST.


2012.09-2016.06 B.Sc. in Henan University.                     2016.07-Now       M.Sc. student in Shenzhen University
2017.07-2017.08 Visiting student at Key Laboratory of High Confidence Software Technologies, Ministry of Education in Peking University

Research Interest

My research interests include mobile/wearable computing, ubiquitous computing, HCI, smart sensing.
My research focuses on design and implementation of smart systems with COTS wearable/mobile devices to make our daily life healthier, smarter and more convenient.