Qiang Yang

  杨   强
Master student
Intelligent Perception and Mobile Computing Group
IoT Research Centre
Wireless Future DataNet Research Centre (WFDN) of Guangdong Province
National Engineering Laboratory of Big Bata System Computing Technology
College of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Shenzhen University

Lab:Room 720, Building of Computer Science and Software engineering, Houhai
          Campus, Shenzhen University
Email: yangqiang2016 AT

Currently I am a third-year graduate student in College of Computer Science and Software engineering of Shenzhen University. I am also a member of IoT Research Centre led by distinguished professor Kaishun Wu, a Young Outstanding Scientist of Thousand Talent Program.
I am under supervision of Assistant Professor Yongpan Zou and Prof. Kaishun Wu.


  • 2016.07-Present       Computer Science and Technology, Graduate student in Shenzhen University.

  • 2017.07-2017.08      Visiting student in Peking University. Host: Prof. Daqing Zhang.

  • 2012.09-2016.06      Computer Science and Technology, B.S. in Henan University.


2018/10, Won National Second Prize in the 4th China Graduate Contest on Application, Design and Innovation of Mobile-Terminal!

2018/10, Won SZU-Tencent Founder Innovation Scholarship, the top scholarship of SZU! (2/280)

2018/09, one paper was accepted and will appear on Mobiquitous 2018!

Research Interests

My research interest covers Mobile computing, Ubiquitous computing, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Intelligent Sensing and IoT. And my research vision is to make our life more intelligent and convenient by designing and implementing smart systems.



  • Qiang Yang, Yongpan Zou, Meng Zhao, Jiawei Lin and Kaishun Wu
    ArmIn: Explore the Feasibility of Designing a Text-entry Application Using EMG Signals” [Slides]
    In Proceedings of the EAI Mobiquitous, November 5-7, 2018, New York City, United States


  • Qiang Yang, Hongrui Fu, Yongpan Zou, Kaishun Wu
    Demo: A Novel Finger-Assisted Touch-free Text Input System Without Training”[Pdf]
    In Proceedings of the ACM Mobisys, June 10 - 15, 2018, Munich, Germany



EchoWrite is a training-free system that enables users to input texts or perform gestures in the air using acoustic signals.
Cooperated with Tencent.

Extracurricular Roles

  • Volunteer: ICPADS 2017, China Zheng-kai International Marathon 2013

  • Deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee, CIE, Henan University. 2014-2015

  • Director of the New Media Centre, CIE, Henan University. 2013-2015

Selected Awards


  • 10/2018   Second Prize(Team 1, leader)/Third Prize(Team 2, member), the 4th China Graduate Contest on Application, Design and Innovation of Mobile-Terminal, 2018, Xi'an.

  • 09/2018   SZU-Tencent Founder Innovation Scholarship (2/280)

  • 07/2018   Shenzhen Individual Maker Foundation, 100,000 RMB.

  • 05/2018   Second Prize(National)/First Prize(Southern), the 5th National College Competition on IoT, 2017, Shanghai.

  • 11/2017   Second Prize, the 3rd China Graduate Contest on Application, Design and Innovation of Mobile-Terminal, 2017, Dalian.


  • 05/2016   Merit student of Henan Province (2/102)

  • 05/2016   Outstanding Graduate of Henan Province (2/102)

  • 10/2015   National Encouragement scholarship (5/102)

  • 10/2014   National Encouragement scholarship (5/102)

  • 10/2013   National Encouragement scholarship (5/102)